Rene Dewaelsche

     Rene Dewaelsche married Marjorie Chambers.

(?) DeWald


Child of (?) DeWald

Adrian Ruble DeWald

M, b. 11 January 1898, d. 4 May 1964
     Adrian Ruble DeWald was born on 11 January 1898 at Montrose, McCook Co., SD. He was the son of William Montgomery DeWald and Myrtella Delilah Gage. Adrian Ruble DeWald married Mayme Woods, daughter of Frank Woods and Margaret Jones. Adrian Ruble DeWald died on 4 May 1964 at North Hollywood, Los Angeles Co., CA, at age 66. He was buried in May 1964 at Inglewood Memorial Park, Inglewood, Los Angeles Co., CA.

Children of Adrian Ruble DeWald and Mayme Woods

Alvira DeWald

F, b. 17 August 1900, d. 23 January 2000
     Alvira DeWald was born on 17 August 1900 at South Dakota. She was the daughter of William Montgomery DeWald and Myrtella Delilah Gage. Alvira DeWald was educated at State Teachers College, Aberdeen Co., SD. She married Howard Raymond Ward, son of Arthur Ward and Maria Seabrook, on 12 June 1925. Alvira DeWald lived at Days Creek, Douglas Co., OR, Alvira left South Dakota during the dust bowl of the 1930s for the beautiful Umpqua Valley at Days Creek, Oregon. She died on 23 January 2000 at Eltopia, Franklin Co., WA, at age 99.

Child of Alvira DeWald and Howard Raymond Ward

Ann Eliza DeWald

F, b. 18 January 1803, d. 5 April 1887
     Ann Eliza DeWald was born on 18 January 1803 at Baltimore, MD. She was the daughter of Philip DeWald and Catharine Lang. Ann Eliza DeWald was christened on 8 May 1804 at Christened "Anna Lisa" per christening certificate (in German), Baltimore, MD; Transcription & translation of christening record:

Diesen hegden Chegatten, ("This married couple")
Philip Dewalt (in script)
und seiner Ehefrau ("and his wife")
Catharina eine geborne Langen (in script, "Catharina, born a Lang") wohnhaft in (resident in)
Mirrland ("Maryland", in script) County, im Staat ("in the city") Baltimore (in script) ist am ("is on")
18-r Januarij ("18th of January", in script) im Jahr unsers Herrn ("in the year of our Lord") 1803 um 8 uhr ("at 8 o'clock") Morgen ("morning", in script) im Zeichen ("in the Sign")
den Jungfrau ein, ("of Virgo", in script) Gorshel??? zur Welt geboren, ("??? in the World was born) welche am 8-r May 1804 ("which on the 8th of May, 1804") von ("of")
dem herrn G. Crintz Luhsingen, pfarrer ("Mr. G. Crintz Luhsingen, minister"), getauft wurde ("was christened"), und dem Namen ("and given the name")

Anna Lisa

Taufzeugen sind ("Witnesses to the Christening"): (script -- phrase or name not understood.)

She married James Larimore, son of John Larimore and Deborah Temple, on 2 May 1825 at Hampshire Co., VA, Note on "Marriages" page of James Larimore family Bible. Ann Eliza DeWald lived in 1826 at Licking Co., OH, Travelled on horseback in 1826 with her husband from Three Churches, Hampshire County, Virginia (now WV) to Licking County, Ohio.

She lived in 1880 at Union Twp., Licking Co., OH, Listed as living with both son James in Newark, and son in-law Harry Buckland in the 1880 census.1 She died on 5 April 1887 at Licking Co., OH, at age 84 OBITUARY - Granville (Ohio) Times, Friday, April 8, 1887

An Aged Mother Gone
Mrs. Eliza Larimore, who has been making her home with her daughter, Mrs. James Kirkendall, near Union Station, died on Tuesday morning, April 5, 1887, at the ripe age of 84 years. The funeral took place from the late residence, on Thursday, at 11 a.m., and the remains were deposited in Licking cemetery, near Hebron. All her living children were present to witness her departure. Appropriate religious services were conducted at the house by Rev. D. B. Hervey, President of Granville Female College.

She was buried in April 1887 at Licking Cemetery, Hebron, Licking Co., OH, Find A Grave Memorial# 76665777.

Children of Ann Eliza DeWald and James Larimore


  1. [S281] 1880 Federal Census, Licking County, Ohio. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T9, Roll 1040; FHL #1255040.

Anna Elizabeth DeWald

F, b. 26 September 1767, d. 29 December 1855
     Note: Anna Elizabeth Dewald was the the third (or fourth, since she was a twin) child of Henry and Mary Catherine Dewald. She was born on September 26, 1767, if you believe her baptismal record, or on October 7, 1767, if you believe the inscription on her grave stone in Christ Church Cemetery. The baptismal record is probably correct.

Elizabeth, as she was usually called, married John Kitzmiller, Jr. Although many of Henry and Mary Catherine's children moved to Tennessee, Elizabeth and John remained in Pennsylvania. John died in 1845. Elizabeth died ten years later, in 1855, in Frederick, Maryland. She was probably living with her daughter, Mary Kitzmiller, at the time of her death. Mary Kitzmiller had married her father's first cousin, John Michael Kitzmiller. Elizabeth and her husband, John Kitzmiller, Jr., and their daughter, Mary, and her husband, John Michael Kitzmiller, are all buried in Christ Church Cemetery. Anna Elizabeth DeWald was born on 26 September 1767 at Mannheim Twp., York Co., PA. She was the daughter of Henrich DeWald and Maria Catherine Greaver. Anna Elizabeth DeWald married John Kitzmiller, son of John Kitzmiller. Anna Elizabeth DeWald died on 29 December 1855 at Littlestown, Adams Co., PA, at age 88. She was buried in 1855 at Christ Reformed Church Churchyard, Littlestown, Adams Co., PA, Headstone Inscription:

memory of
wife of
John Kitzmiller
born Oct. 7, 1767
died Dec. 29, 1855
aged 88 years 2m.
& 22 days
"She is not dead but sleepeth."

Children of Anna Elizabeth DeWald and John Kitzmiller

Anna Margarethe DeWald

F, b. 20 March 1794, d. circa 1827
     Anna Margarethe DeWald was born on 20 March 1794 at York Co., PA (probably). She was the daughter of Philip DeWald and Catharine Lang. Anna Margarethe DeWald was christened at St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Hanover, York Co., PA; Witnesses/sponsors to the christening: Samuel and Margarethe Long (her aunt and uncle). She died circa 1827 died unmarried, age 33.

Beryle Yvonne DeWald

F, b. 14 April 1927
     Beryle Yvonne DeWald was born on 14 April 1927 at Sioux Falls, Minnehaha Co., SC. She was the daughter of Adrian Ruble DeWald and Mayme Woods. Beryle Yvonne DeWald married Louis Elton Lacey on 31 December 1947.

Beulah Dean DeWald

F, b. 19 November 1912, d. 19 March 1943
     Note: Beulah Dean Dewald had a son by Charles Chase. Beulah and her son, lived with her father and step-mother until she was sent to a tuberculosis sanatorium in Detroit, Michigan. She died there in 1943. Her body was returned to Tennessee for burial. Beulah's son, Charles Robert "Tiny" Dewald, was raised by his grandfather, Daniel Hubert "Buck" DeWald, and his step-grandmother, Mary Catherine (King) DeWald.

Beulah Dean DeWald was born on 19 November 1912 at Tennessee. She was the daughter of Daniel Hubert DeWald and Vergie Cloyd. Beulah Dean DeWald married Charles F. Furse, son of John Furse and Louise (?), on 7 July 1941. Beulah Dean DeWald died on 19 March 1943 at Detroit, Wayne Co., MI, at age 30. Cause of death: on 19 March 1943 tuberculosis. She was buried in March 1943 at Mt. Wesley Cemetery, Telford, Washington Co., TN.

Child of Beulah Dean DeWald and Thomas Robert Chase

Catherine DeWald

F, b. 1769, d. 1858
     Catherine DeWald was born in 1769 at York Co., PA.1 She was the daughter of Henrich DeWald and Maria Catherine Greaver. Catherine DeWald married Johann Nicholas Keefhaver, son of Nicholas Keefhaver and Maria Catharina Forney, at York Co., PA. Catherine DeWald died in 1858 at Washington Co., TN.
Note: Early generations of Catherine (DeWald) Keefhaver descendants per Tracy DeVault's online genealogy at

Children of Catherine DeWald and Johann Nicholas Keefhaver


  1. [S467] 1850 Federal Census, Washington County, Tennessee. Microfilm Image, NARA Series M432, Roll 898.

Catherine DeWald

F, b. circa 1792, d. 6 January 1873
     Catherine DeWald was born circa 1792 at York Co., PA (probably). She was the daughter of Philip DeWald and Catharine Lang. Catherine DeWald married William R. Roberts, son of William Roberts and Ann Mercer, on 24 March 1812 at Baltimore, MD. Catherine DeWald lived on 31 July 1850 at Baltimore Co., MD, farming. She died on 6 January 1873 at Baltimore, MD. She was buried in January 1873 at Green Mount Cemetery, Baltimore, MD.

Children of Catherine DeWald and William R. Roberts

Catherine Caroline DeWald

F, b. 25 December 1826, d. 27 June 1907
     Catherine Caroline DeWald was born on 25 December 1826 at Washington Co., TN. She was the daughter of Daniel DeWald and Mary M. Miller. Catherine Caroline DeWald married John Peter Walter, son of John Walter and Margaret Keicher, on 17 August 1849. Catherine Caroline DeWald died on 27 June 1907 at age 80. She was buried in June 1907 at Philadelphia Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Philadelphia, Washington Co., TN.

Children of Catherine Caroline DeWald and John Peter Walter

Charles Billy DeWald

M, b. 23 April 1918, d. 17 October 2001
     Charles Billy DeWald was born on 23 April 1918 at Sioux Falls, Minnehaha Co., SD. He was the son of Earl Valentine DeWald and Nina Julia Charnock. Charles Billy DeWald married Genevieve Angeline Parkinson on 31 May 1942 at Las Vegas, Clark Co., NV. Charles Billy DeWald died on 17 October 2001 at Lyon Co., IA, at age 83 Dates per SSDI, last residence Larchwood.
Note: Charles lived in South Dakota until August of 1941 when he gave his newly married brother, Clive, and wife Ethel a ride to Los Angeles, California in his Model A Ford along with a friend (later to become his brother-in-law) Marvin Parkinson. Settled in Hawthorne, California and lived there until he retired at which time, he moved to the Parkinson Homestead, northwest of Larchwood, Iowa. They had four children, twins Donald and Constance, Robert, Bryan, and then adopted one of their foster children, Rene'.

Charles Clyde DeWald

M, b. 13 November 1868, d. 18 October 1935
     Charles Clyde DeWald was born on 13 November 1868 at Washington Co., TN. He was the son of William Valentine DeWald and Mary Ann Ruble. Charles Clyde DeWald married Emma Bealman, daughter of Charles Bealman and Caroline Weaver, on 29 September 1900. Occupation: Carpenter and cabinet maker. Charles Clyde DeWald died on 18 October 1935 at Douglas Co., OR, at age 66. He was buried in October 1935 at Cottage Grove, Lane Co., OR.

Child of Charles Clyde DeWald and Emma Bealman

Charles Pepper DeWald

M, b. April 1872, d. 3 February 1929
     Charles Pepper DeWald was born in April 1872 at Washington Co., TN.1 He was the son of James Miller DeWald and Martha Northington. Charles Pepper DeWald began military service Spanish-America War in the Philippines, 14th U.S. Army Infantry, Co. E. He lived in April 1910 at Contra Costa Co., CA.2 He married Jennie (?). Charles Pepper DeWald died on 3 February 1929 at Los Angeles Co., CA, at age 56. He was buried in February 1929 at Los Angeles National Cemetery, Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA, E 14 US INF PLOT: 60 R-A/11.

Child of Charles Pepper DeWald and Jennie (?)


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  2. [S2774] 1910 Federal Census, Contra Costa County, California. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T624, Roll 75; FHL #1374088.

Charles Robert Dewald

M, b. 11 April 1932, d. 22 December 1998
     Charles Robert Dewald was also known as "Tiny".

When Charles Robert Dewald was born, he and his mom were living with her grandparents. Since he was the smallest child in the household, he was given the nickname "Tiny". It stuck.

Tiny and his wife separated shortly after their two children were born. Tiny moved back in with his step-grandmother, Mary Catherine (King) DeWald. Mary Catherine helped him raise his two children (her step-great-grandchildren).

He was born on 11 April 1932 at Washington Co., TN. He was the son of Thomas Robert Chase and Beulah Dean DeWald. Charles Robert Dewald died on 22 December 1998 at Washington Co., TN, at age 66

OBITUARY - Greeneville Sun, Greenville (TN), December 23, 1998

JONESBOROUGH - Charles R. "Tiny" Dewald, 66, of Sand Valley Road, Jonesborough, died Tuesday at his home.
Mr. Dewald was a native of Washington County, a son of the late Beulah Dewald.
He was formerly employed as an agent-operator for Southern Railway.
Mr. Dewald was a Methodist.
Survivors include his daughter: Vicki Garland of Jonesborough; his son: Charles "Chuck" Dewald Jr. of Morristown; a granddaughter: Melanie Garland of Jonesborough; three grandsons: Charles "Chuck" Dewald II, Jamie Dewald, and Scottie Dewald, all of Morristown; a great-granddaughter: Brett "Little B" Garland of Jonesborough; a great-grandson: Jordan Garland of Limestone; two sisters: Dorothy Heaton of Orlando, Fla. and Mabel Ruth Southerland of Jonesborough; two brothers: Lester Dewald of Tuscaloosa, Ala., and D.H. Dewald Jr. of Church Hill; and a special aunt: Evelyn McCall of Limestone.
The family will receive friends from 1-2 Saturday afternoon at Dillow-Taylor Funeral Home, Jonesborough.
The funeral service will follow visitation at 2 o'clock in the funeral home chapel. The Rev. Richard Emmert will officiate.
Honorary pallbearers will be John Matthews, Fred Southerland, Derrick Bowman, Dean Rambo, Bobby Hall, Bucky Mitchell, Craig Garland, Darrin Carver, and Charlie Lewis.
Memorial contributions may be made to Dawn of Hope, 1500 E. Millard St., Johnson City, TN 37601

Note: The four siblings listed in the above obituary were actually Tiny's mother's siblings, with whom he was raised.

Clive Edwin DeWald

M, b. 20 June 1920, d. 1 July 2011
     Clive Edwin DeWald was born on 20 June 1920 at Sioux Falls, Minnehaha Co., SD. He was the son of Earl Valentine DeWald and Nina Julia Charnock. Clive Edwin DeWald married Ethel Emma Stanley on 26 August 1941 at Valley Springs, Minnehaha Co., SD. Clive Edwin DeWald lived at 704 N. Broadway, Watertown, SD. He died on 1 July 2011 at Codington Co., SD, at age 91 Dates per SSDI, last residence Watertown.
Note: Clive attended 7th & 8th grades in the country school, Sunnyside #38, located a half mile east of the DeWald farm, 4 1/2 miles south and 1/2 mile west of Valley Springs, South Dakota. Graduated from Valley Springs High School in l938, attended one year at Sioux Falls College, one year in the Civilian Conservation Corp at Lightning Creek camp west of Custer, South Dakota, Attended South Dakota State College in l940-41, was married on his brother Earl's, parents, and grandparents anniversary, left for California the same day with brother Charles, and settled in Los Angeles working in Experimental at Lockheed Aircraft Corp for 2 years. Entered the USN-CBs in Sept-l943, boot camp at Williamsburg, Virginia, advanced training at Oakland, California. Spent 22 months in the Pacific at Hawaii, Tinian, and Eniwetok. Discharged in Dec-1945, worked in Los Angeles for almost two years, entered South Dakota State University in l947 and was graduated in l949. Taught Vocational Agriculture for three years at Parker, South Dakota, three years at Monroe, South Dakota, 2 years as school representative for "Successful Farming" magazine, was a partner in a Purina Feed business and raised broilers (5000 at a time), and in l959 started working for DeKalb AgResearch, Inc as District Sales Manager at Watertown, South Dakota for 23 years. After retiring was DeKalb dealer in the Watertown and Florence, South Dakota areas until l990.

Cora Belle DeWald

F, b. 9 February 1870, d. 28 June 1871
     Cora Belle DeWald was born on 9 February 1870. She was the daughter of James Miller DeWald and Martha Northington. Cora Belle DeWald died on 28 June 1871 at age 1.

Daniel DeWald

M, b. 30 July 1800, d. 21 January 1886
     Daniel DeWald was born on 30 July 1800 at Adams (formerly York Co.), PA. He was the son of Philip DeWald and Catharine Lang. Daniel DeWald was christened on 21 September 1800 at St. Matthews Lutheran Church, Hanover, York Co., PA; Sponsors: His parents. He married Mary M. Miller, daughter of Jacob Miller and Elizabeth Range, on 6 January 1825 at Washington Co., TN.1 Daniel DeWald lived at the Nolichucky River area, Tennessee. He died on 21 January 1886 at age 85. He was buried in January 1886 at Mt. Bethel Cemetery, Limestone, Washington Co., TN.

Children of Daniel DeWald and Mary M. Miller


  1. [S97] Washington County, Tennessee Marriages.

Daniel Hubert DeWald

M, b. 21 August 1881
     Daniel Hubert DeWald was also known as "Buck". He was born on 21 August 1881 at Washington Co., TN.1 He was the son of James Miller DeWald and Nancy E. Northington. Daniel Hubert DeWald married Vergie Cloyd, daughter of Samuel K. Cloyd and Nancy Jane Collins, on 12 August 1906. Daniel Hubert DeWald married Mary Catherine King, daughter of Peter H. King and Alaminta Frances Strickler, in 1920.

Children of Daniel Hubert DeWald and Vergie Cloyd

Children of Daniel Hubert DeWald and Mary Catherine King


  1. [S465] 1900 Federal Census, Washington County, Tennessee. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T623, Roll 1603; FHL #1241603.

Darwin Bryce DeWald

M, b. 14 April 1923
     Darwin Bryce DeWald lived at Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA. He was born on 14 April 1923 at Montrose, McCook Co., SD. He was the son of Adrian Ruble DeWald and Mayme Woods. Darwin Bryce DeWald married Doris Ann Miller on 15 January 1944.

Dorothy Lucille DeWald

F, b. 1921
     Dorothy Lucille DeWald was born in 1921. She was the daughter of Daniel Hubert DeWald and Mary Catherine King.

Earl Charnock DeWald

M, b. 13 December 1916
     Earl Charnock DeWald was born on 13 December 1916 at Montrose, McCook Co., SD. He was the son of Earl Valentine DeWald and Nina Julia Charnock. Earl Charnock DeWald married Mildred Irene Jacobsen on 26 August 1940 at Rock Rapids, Lyon Co., IA.
Note: Earl was married on his parents and grandparents (Charnock) wedding anniversary. Lived in South Dakota until 1941 and migrated to Los Angeles, California. They had three girls, Nianne, Rosemary, and Jane Valentine. Moved to Gresham, Oregon.

Earl Valentine DeWald

M, b. 7 May 1893, d. 20 June 1980
     Earl Valentine DeWald was born on 7 May 1893 at Humboldt, Minnehaha Co., SD. He was the son of William Montgomery DeWald and Myrtella Delilah Gage. Earl Valentine DeWald married Nina Julia Charnock, daughter of Charles Charnock and Rosa Roberts, on 26 August 1914 at Sioux Falls, Minnehaha Co., SD. Earl Valentine DeWald was buried in 1980 at Pomona Mausoleum, Pomona, Los Angeles Co., CA. He died on 20 June 1980 at Portland, Multnomah Co., OR, at age 87.
Note: Earl was born on their farm near Montrose, South Dakota and farmed there after marriage. Moved to Sioux Falls and was salesman for Standard Oil Company. Moved with family for 2 years to Rock Rapids, Iowa, and then to Red Wing, Minnesota. for 2 years. Moved back to a farm near Valley Springs, South Dakota for over 10 years. To Los Angeles, California in l941 and lived there and Chino, California, then to Pomona. When his wife died he moved to Portland, Oregon to be near his eldest son, Earl, and family. Moved to Eugene, Oregon for a short time, and died at the age of 87 on his youngest son's birthday. He was cremated and ashes are buried in the Pomona Mausoleum with his wife, Nina.

Children of Earl Valentine DeWald and Nina Julia Charnock

Elizabeth DeWald

F, b. 23 November 1830, d. 27 August 1902
     Elizabeth DeWald was born on 23 November 1830 at Washington Co., TN.1 She was the daughter of Daniel DeWald and Mary M. Miller. Elizabeth DeWald died on 27 August 1902 at age 71. She was buried in 1902 at New Salem Baptist Church Cemetery, Limestone, Washington Co., TN.
Note: Did not marry.


  1. [S465] 1900 Federal Census, Washington County, Tennessee. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T623, Roll 1603; FHL #1241603.

Elizabeth DeWald

F, b. 11 October 1797
     Elizabeth DeWald married Robert Hughes. Elizabeth DeWald was born on 11 October 1797 at York Co., PA. She was the daughter of Gabriel DeWalt and Magdalena Kitzmiller. Elizabeth DeWald was christened on 29 November 1797 at St. Matthews Lutheran Church Cemetery, Hanover, York Co., PA.

Child of Elizabeth DeWald and Robert Hughes

Everett Francis DeWald

M, b. 14 July 1919, d. 5 July 1982
     Everett Francis DeWald began military service Army Air Corps, WW II. He was born on 14 July 1919 at Montrose, McCook Co., SD. He was the son of Adrian Ruble DeWald and Mayme Woods. Everett Francis DeWald married Margaret Linea Nylund on 15 September 1941. Everett Francis DeWald died on 5 July 1982 at Eureka, Humboldt Co., CA, at age 62. He was buried in July 1982 at Eureka, Humboldt Co., CA.

Everett Raymond DeWald

M, b. 14 April 1903, d. 5 November 1997
     Occupation: Farmed at Montrose, SD and Cushing, MN. Everett Raymond DeWald was born on 14 April 1903. He was the son of William Montgomery DeWald and Myrtella Delilah Gage. Everett Raymond DeWald married Mabel McCullough, daughter of William McCullough and Grace Taylor, on 3 November 1925. Everett Raymond DeWald died on 5 November 1997 at Port Orchard, Kitsap Co., WA, at age 94.

Child of Everett Raymond DeWald and Mabel McCullough

Fanny Maud DeWald

F, b. December 1876, d. 1939
     Fanny Maud DeWald was born in December 1876 at Tennessee.1 She was the daughter of William Valentine DeWald and Mary Ann Ruble. Fanny Maud DeWald married Silas Sherman Shortridge, son of William Wallace Shortridge and Ellen J. Keyes, after June 1900. Fanny Maud DeWald died in 1939.

Children of Fanny Maud DeWald and Silas Sherman Shortridge


  1. [S1322] 1900 Federal Census, Douglas County, Oregon. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T623, Roll 1346; FHL #1241346.

Franklin Jerome DeWald

M, b. circa 1866, d. June 1943
     Franklin Jerome DeWald was born circa 1866 at Washington Co., TN.1 He was the son of James Miller DeWald and Martha Northington. Franklin Jerome DeWald married Ada Lee Snapp, daughter of Andrew Jackson Snapp and Elizabeth Shell Wilson, in 1890, They raised several foster children, but had no natural children. Here is the story of their foster daughter Augusta DeWald's birth family, as found by Tracy Devault's research:

In August of 1899, R. E. Fleming and Nannie Catherine Shifflett obtained a marriage license. We don't know if they were actually married but I suppose they were. We do know that Nannie and her children used the Fleming surname.

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE - The Harrisonburg Evening News; Harrisonburg, Virginia; August 8, 1899; Page 1

"Marriage licenses have been issued by the County Clerk as follows: R. E. Fleming and Nannie Catherine Shifflett. . ."

The Flemings had two daughters and a son. Like most women of the day, Nannie had a side business where she could earn a little pin money. In Nannie's case, she ran the local brothel. This side business was not only illegal but it was also considered a bad environment for her children. Nannie was tried sentenced to six months in the county jail and her children were removed from her custody.

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE - The Harrisonburg Rockingham Register; Harrisonburg, Virginia; May 11, 1906, Page 2


Children of Nannie Fleming Given to Virginia Home Society to Escape Vicious Surroundings.

Lena, Alberta and Robert Fleming, aged respectively Six, Four and two years, children of Mrs. Nannie Shifflett Fleming, were committed Monday by Justice Points to the custody of the Children's Home Society of Virginia. They were taken to Richmond Tuesday morning by Rev. Wm. J. Maybee, superintendent of the Society, and placed in the Society's receiving home. Permanent homes will be procured for them later.

The children were found Monday morning in a sink-hole on the farm of George Liskey, in the Greenmount neighborhood, where they had been concealed over night by their mother who is under conviction on the charge of conducting a disreputable house in Harrisonburg. She anticipated an effort would be made to have her children committed to a charitable institution, and had hidden them in the woods.

Armed with a warrant, issued by Magistrate Points, Deputy Sheriffs W. L. Dillard and J. J. Carickhoff left town early Monday morning to search for the children. The officers knew the mother and three little ones had been in Broadway, but they had later advices that they were somewhere in the Greenmount neighborhood and to Greenmount they drove. Arriving there, they learned the objects of their search had procured something to eat at a farmhouse, after spending the night in the woods, and that they had disappeared immediately after being given their breakfast.

The officers separated and began a search of all the woodland of the neighborhood. Finally Officer Dillard came upon the party. Parting the undergrowth and peering into a sink-hole in George Liskey's woods, he saw the three children, their mother, and Mrs. Anna Coon, the latter's sister, all huddled closely together.

When the mother realized that detection had come she scrambled up to where the officer, stood and asked, "Mr. Dillard, are you after me?"

Being told it was not herself, but the children that were wanted the woman became wildly excited and throwing her arms about the officer exclaimed, "Oh, Lord! Mr. Dillard, don't take them away from me. Don't take them. Don't! don't! don't!"

When the officer proved kindly but firmly insistent, the mother declared she could not part with her children and finally appealed to the officer to shoot her, saying, "Mr. Dillard, if you have a pistol, shoot me dead, for I'd rather die than give these babies up."

Officer Carickhoff came up in the mean time and the children were placed in a carriage and brought to Harrisonburg. They were accompanied by Anna Coon, their aunt but the mother remained behind. The latter asked the officers if she might come along and was told she could do so at her own risk. She preferred not to take the risk, knowing that a jail sentence of six months awaited her, which she must serve the first time the police catch her here.

During the afternoon the case was heard before Magistrate Points and the children were committed.

The mother is under sentence of six months in jail and a fine of $50. She was tried last week and convicted in her absence, she having disappeared while out on her own recognizance."

We don't know if Nannie ever served her six month sentence. She eventually remarried and had two more children. We're told by descendants of her second family that Nannie searched for her children but it was all in vain as she never found them. However, one of Nannie's granddaughters, a daughter of the son that was taken away, pieced together part of the story. The son, and one of the daughters, Alberta, were given to a family by the name of Davis. Shortly after the Davises took in the children, Mrs. Davis passed away. Mr. Davis returned Alberta to the court but retained the son. The boy was renamed Lewis Davis. It was Lewis' daughter, Darlene, that gave us this part of the story.

Alberta was taken in by another family. We don't know what happened to the other daughter but it is quite possible that she was taken in by the same family that took in Alberta.

Alberta eventually married Clarence Nathanial Arnold. Clarence and Alberta had three sons. Eventually Alberta divorced Clarence and then later married Charles Brown Bell. Alberta's maiden name was Alberta Frances Fleming. After she married Charles she started going by Elizabeth "Betty" F. Bell. Charles and Elizabeth had a son. Elizabeth died in 1959.

OBITUARY - The Index-Journal; Greenwood, South Carolina; Saturday, August 8, 1959;

"Mrs. Betty Bell Dies Today In Washington

Mrs. Betty Bell, 57, of Route Two, Greenwood, died at 4 a.m. today after a brief illness in Washington, D.C., where she had been visiting her children.

Survivors include her husband, Charles Brown Bell, and a son, Andrew C. Bell of Greenwood, three sons by a former marriage, Johnny, Eddie and Charlie Arnold; several grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, all of Washington; a brother in Philadelphia and a sister in Bristol, Tenn.

Funeral arrangements are incomplete, but services will be held in Washington. The body is at Chambers Funeral Home, 11 Pennsylvania Ave., SE, Washington."

As often happens after someone dies, legal notices are posted in the local newspaper.

"LEGAL NOTICE - The Index-Journal; Greenwood, South Carolina; Wednesday, September 23, 1959; Page 9 (


All creditors of the late Mrs. Elizabeth Alberta DeWald Bell are hereby notified to render an account of their demands duly attested to the undersigned; and all debtors shall likewise make payment to the undersigned.

Andrew C. Bell

c/o Grier, McDonald, Todd, Burns and Bradford, 520 Textile Building, Greenwood, South Carolina"

If you haven't figured it out by now, Alberta is Alberta Frances DeWald. Her foster parents were Franklin Jerome "Frank" DeWald and Ada Lee Snapp. Alberta had two sisters and both of them were foster/adopted children. The older sister was about the right age to be Alberta's biological sister. Her name was Nellie Lee and in the newspaper article, Alberta's older sister is Lena. Alberta's younger sister, Lillian is probably no biological relation.

Franklin Jerome DeWald died in June 1943. Cause of death: Died the same day as his wife, due to accidental burns. He was buried in June 1943 at Gunnings Cemetery, Blountville, Sullivan Co., TN.


  1. [S464] 1880 Federal Census, Washington County, Tennessee. Microfilm Image, NARA T9, Roll 1284; FHL #1255284.