Alan C. Duncan

M, b. circa 1859, d. 1882
     Alan C. Duncan was born circa 1859 at Macoupin Co. (probably), IL. He was the son of James W. Duncan and Abigail Profitt. Alan C. Duncan died in 1882 at Franklin Co., KS.

Allen John Duncan

M, b. 25 May 1892, d. July 1956
     Allen John Duncan was born on 25 May 1892 at Iowa. He married Myrtle Elizabeth Wyatt on 10 June 1912 at Henry Co., IA. Allen John Duncan died in July 1956 at age 64. He was buried in 1956 at Hillcrest Memorial Park, Ft. Madison, Lee Co., IA, Findagrave #167241119.

Child of Allen John Duncan and Myrtle Elizabeth Wyatt

Andrew Duncan

M, b. 26 July 1799
     Andrew Duncan was born on 26 July 1799 at Tennessee. He was the son of Joseph Duncan and Ann Shaw.

Ann Shaw Duncan

F, b. 6 February 1813, d. 7 July 1861
     Ann Shaw Duncan was born on 6 February 1813 at Washington Co., TN. She was the daughter of Joseph Duncan and Molly Allison. Ann Shaw Duncan married Samuel B. McAdams in 1831 at Washington Co., TN. Ann Shaw Duncan died on 7 July 1861 at age 48.

Beatrice Ethel Duncan

F, b. 20 March 1881, d. 20 March 1881
     Beatrice Ethel Duncan died on 20 March 1881. She was born on 20 March 1881. She was the daughter of Martin Kitzmiller Duncan and Lillian J. Ayars.

Bernice Elaine Duncan

F, b. 18 March 1886, d. 6 October 1887
     Bernice Elaine Duncan was born on 18 March 1886. She was the daughter of Martin Kitzmiller Duncan and Lillian J. Ayars. Bernice Elaine Duncan died on 6 October 1887 at age 1.

Birdie Irene Duncan1

F, b. April 1874, d. 1958
     Note: did not marry. Birdie Irene Duncan was born in April 1874 at Girard, Macoupin Co., IL.1,2 She was the daughter of Thomas Duncan and Elizabeth Kitzmiller.1 Birdie Irene Duncan died in 1958 at Cairo, Alexander Co., IL. She was buried in 1958 at White Hall Cemetery, White Hall, Greene Co., IL.


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Bradley John Duncan

M, b. 8 August 1961, d. 18 March 2015
     Bradley John Duncan was born on 8 August 1961 at Iowa. He was the son of John Devol Duncan and Audrey I. Moreland. Bradley John Duncan died on 18 March 2015 at Warren Co. (probably), IA, at age 53.

Charles Gordon Duncan

M, b. 13 June 1825, d. 31 August 1882
     Charles Gordon Duncan was born on 13 June 1825 at GA. He was the son of John Duncan and Elizabeth Abercrombie. Charles Gordon Duncan married Nancy Ann Starr, daughter of Joseph McMinn Starr and Delilah Adair. Charles Gordon Duncan died on 31 August 1882 at age 57.

Chauncey Earl Duncan

M, b. 16 November 1879, d. 3 July 1962
     Chauncey Earl Duncan was born on 16 November 1879 at Iowa. He married Myrtle Jane Blayney on 22 March 1904 at Linn Co., IA. Chauncey Earl Duncan died on 3 July 1962 at age 82. He was buried in July 1962 at Green Center Cemetery, Morley, Jones Co., IA, Findagrave #49278686.

Child of Chauncey Earl Duncan and Myrtle Jane Blayney

Clair A. Duncan

M, b. 17 November 1907, d. 22 July 1991
     Clair A. Duncan was born on 17 November 1907 at Illinois. He was the son of Martin Aubrey Duncan and Ethel Gertrude Herron. Clair A. Duncan married Doris Dell Griffith, daughter of Harker Dell Griffith and Louisiana Berry, on 18 February 1933. Clair A. Duncan died on 22 July 1991 at age 83.

Clair Athol Duncan

M, b. 31 July 1882, d. 12 December 1882
     Clair Athol Duncan was born on 31 July 1882. He was the son of Martin Kitzmiller Duncan and Lillian J. Ayars. Clair Athol Duncan died on 12 December 1882.

David Thompson Duncan

M, b. 28 May 1819, d. 8 June 1836
     David Thompson Duncan was born on 28 May 1819 at Washington Co., TN. He was the son of Joseph Duncan and Molly Allison. David Thompson Duncan died on 8 June 1836 at Blount Co., TN, at age 17. He was buried in June 1836 at Providence Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Greene Co., TN.

Delilah Duncan1

F, b. circa 1828
     Delilah Duncan was born circa 1828 at Ohio.1 She married Jacob Parrett, son of Leonard Parrett and Elizabeth House, on 31 May 1858 at Huntington Co., IN.1

Child of Delilah Duncan and Jacob Parrett


  1. [S1876] 1860 Federal Census, Huntington County, Indiana. Microfilm Image, NARA Series M653, Roll 267; FHL #803267.

Ella Bell Duncan1

F, b. circa 1866
     Ella Bell Duncan was born circa 1866 at Macoupin Co., IL.1 She was the daughter of Thomas Duncan and Elizabeth Kitzmiller.1 Ella Bell Duncan married James E. Silkwood on 7 September 1893 at Greene Co., IL.


  1. [S1677] 1880 Federal Census, Macoupin County, Illinois. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T9, Roll 232; FHL #1254232.

Ermadonna Duncan

F, b. 9 August 1894, d. 19 December 1915
     Ermadonna Duncan was born on 9 August 1894 at Findlay, Shelby Co., IL. She was the daughter of Martin Kitzmiller Duncan and Lillian J. Ayars. Ermadonna Duncan died on 19 December 1915 at May, Christian Co., IL, at age 21.
Note: Myrna (Brooks) Hood wrote (given to me by Valerie M. Hudson):

Mary Sanders Duncan, who lived into the 1940s, (she died on 18 Dec., 1947) of course I did know --- as did most of my cousins, I'm sure. I remember "Cousin Mary" as an exceedingly prim and proper old lady, whose Victorian sensibilities I was forever being warned not to offend with my tom-boyish ways. As a result, I seemed to always be terminally tongue-tied in her presence. I seem to recall that I never saw her dressed other than in elegant black, usually an ankle-length gown with a white lace collar. Her legs, what one could see of them (and she would have called them "limbs" if she called them anything at all!) were always encased in black silk stockings. She had a rather mournful way of speaking and her accent that of pure New England. She had one stock comment in her conversation which inevitable came out in response to anybody's relating any kind of negative news --- from a cut finger to a total crop loss for the year: "Wa-al," she would drawl -- "Thaht's tooo bahd," in tones as sadly melancholy as a mourning dove's. There's no question but that she was the "grande dame" of the neighborhood; to commit even the slightest impropriety in her presence was unthinkable.

As mentioned elsewhere, Mary did have a husband, rather briefly. She married Robert Duncan (said to have been a minister) on 15 October, 1890. Robert died of typhoid fever on their wedding anniversary four years later. Some nine years after Robert's death, Mary took into her home a nine-year-old niece of Robert's, Donna Duncan. Donna was born on 9 Aug., 1894, in Findlay, Ill. Her father, Martin K. Duncan, had separated from her mother when the couple's four children were young. Lillie, her mother, had gone to California with the two youngest --- Donna and her sister, Pansie. By 1903, the mother's health failed and she sent Donna back to Illinois to live with her relatives. Donna's father was remarried by this time, so Mary Duncan, his sister-in-law, kindly took charge of Donna. Gwen Duncan, who married my father's first cousin, Malcolm Stewart of Moweaqua, was an older sister of Donna's. Malcolm Stewart's mother, born Tryphena Brooks -- a sister to my grandfather Charles Brooks -- married as her second husband (and his second wife) the same Martin K. Duncan who was the father of Donna as well as Gwen Duncan, who became Tryphena's daughter-in-law after being her stepdaughter! I know I shouldn't try to describe relationships of this complicated nature - on paper, they never seem to come out right. Suffice it to say, this Martin K. Duncan, brother of Mary Sanders' husband Robert Duncan, father of Gwen and Donna, and second husband of my great-aunt "Pheenie", has been described to me by my father as an utterly despicable character -- "A mean old buzzard", I believe is how he described Duncan. When I inquired as to why Aunt Phennie ever married him, my dad said he didn't know and added, "Anyway, she got rid of him --- divorced him, you know!" [Chalk up two more 19th Century divorces!]

At any rate, Donna Duncan grew up into a spirited and beautiful young lady; no doubt she found the atmosphere of the Garwood-Duncan establishment a bit of a "gilded cage"; it must have been thick with Victorian repression, as well as overstuffed elegance. Perhaps she was happier during her teen years, when she was sent away to school at Monticello Lady's Seminary. Donna died rather suddenly on the 19th of December, 1915, allegedly from and undiagnosed brain tumor. My father, Carl Brooks, who knew Donna very well (they were close to the same age), states that Donna had developed a severe infection of the sinuses in the fall of 1915 --- an infection that quickly worsened, apparently spreading to the lining of the brain, and proved to be incurable in those days before antibiotics. A specialist was called in from Decatur, but he, too, was helpless to find a solution; the solution was still 30 years in the future in the form of penicillin. It's said that the two attending doctors operated on the dying patient as the she lay on her little bed in the downstairs bedroom, as a last desperate measure to locate the suspected brain tumor. As eyewitness, (as I have heard the story, a girl who was hired live-in help at the time) later described the scene as "Blood everywhere -- the mattress was entirely soaked with blood and we later took it out and burned it. It was terrible!" This same young lady was later to hint darkly that Donna's death was a suicide, but I believe she may have been letting her imagination run away with her. My father remembers the occasion very well, and it certainly does appear that Donna died from a raging infection. The death-bed operation, of course, was not only futile, but barbaric when viewed from a present-day perspective.

Although such scenes of horror were not uncommon in those days, I suppose, it must have been nothing short of ghastly for the dying girl and her anxiety-stricken family. Such a sudden and tragic end to her beautiful young niece must have been a cruel blow to the aunt who had raised her. Small wonder I remember as always speaking in melancholy tones.

Roger and Mary's oldest son, Jake Vangeison, now age 12, confided in me during my latest visit to this house (which, of course is his home) that he doesn't like to be in the "front part of the house". "Have you seen ghosts?" I asked him. "Well --- I don't think so," he said, "but I got this creepy feeling when I'm near that bedroom where she died." I have to agree with the lad --- that small front bedroom where Donna Duncan died, which still contains the same little painted bedstead that was hers, is quite capable of eliciting a very strong emotional response from anyone who is more than usually sensitive to such things. If ever an old house was tailor-made to harbor ghosts, this one surely must answer the description.

Note: Lydia (Ayars) Duncan took three of her daughters to California: Gwen, Donna and Pansie. Gwen and Donna returned to Illinois shortly after the 1900 Census was taken. Gwen married Malcolm Stewart and Donna went to live with Mary Elizabeth (Sanders) Duncan. Pansie remained in California where she lived and died.

Ethel Virginia Duncan1

F, b. 4 June 1878, d. 12 July 1947
     Ethel Virginia Duncan was born on 4 June 1878 at Girard, Macoupin Co., IL.1,2 She was the daughter of Thomas Duncan and Elizabeth Kitzmiller.1 Ethel Virginia Duncan married William Clyde Springgate, son of Alex Springgate and Fanny (?), circa 1908. Ethel Virginia Duncan died on 12 July 1947 at age 69.

Child of Ethel Virginia Duncan and William Clyde Springgate


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Felix Grundy Duncan

M, b. 28 August 1855, d. 24 December 1897
     Felix Grundy Duncan was born on 28 August 1855 at Cherokee Nation West (now AR). He was the son of William Wirt Duncan and Nancy Ann Starr. Felix Grundy Duncan died on 24 December 1897 at age 42.

George Gilmore Duncan1

M, b. 29 December 1908
     George Gilmore Duncan was born on 29 December 1908 at Iowa.1 He was the son of William James Duncan and Stella Gertrude Gilmore.1 George Gilmore Duncan married Wilma Merle Mitchell, daughter of Edward Andrew Mitchell and Martha Edna Clews, in 1936 at Minnesota. George Gilmore Duncan lived in 1983 at California.

Children of George Gilmore Duncan and Wilma Merle Mitchell


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Gwendolyn Uhlma Duncan

F, b. 30 March 1884, d. 30 December 1963
     Gwendolyn Uhlma Duncan was born on 30 March 1884 at Illinois. She was the daughter of Martin Kitzmiller Duncan and Lillian J. Ayars. Gwendolyn Uhlma Duncan married Malcolm Wayne Stewart, son of James Gray Stewart and Tryphena Margaret Brooks, on 28 August 1903 at Sullivan, Livingston Co., IL. Gwendolyn Uhlma Duncan died on 30 December 1963 at Moweaqua, Shelby Co., IL, at age 79. She was buried in January 1964 at Westside Cemetery, Moweaqua, Shelby Co., IL.

Children of Gwendolyn Uhlma Duncan and Malcolm Wayne Stewart

Howard H. Duncan

M, b. 28 January 1911, d. 20 November 1990
     Howard H. Duncan was born on 28 January 1911. He married Virginia DeVault, daughter of Orgie Milton DeVault and Georgia Sprinkle Meredith. Howard H. Duncan died on 20 November 1990 at Sullivan Co., TN, at age 79.

India Duncan

F, b. circa 1870
     India Duncan was born circa 1870 at Georgia.1 She married Charles Sullivan on 1 August 1905 at Shoshone Co., ID.

Child of India Duncan and Charles Sullivan


  1. [S4372] 1910 Federal Census, Shoshone County, Idaho. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T624, Roll 227; FHL #1374240.

Isabelle Duncan

F, b. 9 July 1908, d. 25 January 1998
     Isabelle Duncan was born on 9 July 1908 at Carroll Co. (probably), VA.1 She was the daughter of William Southern Duncan and Princess A. Gates.1 Isabelle Duncan married Frank Shields DeVault, son of Joseph Gilbert DeVault and Nannie Elvira DePew, on 23 December 1933 at Mt. Airy, Surry Co., NC. Isabelle Duncan died on 25 January 1998 at Carroll Co., VA, at age 89 Dates per SSDI, last residence Hillsville. She was buried in January 1998 at Felts Memorial Cemetery, Galax, VA.


  1. [S2041] 1910 Federal Census, Carroll County, Virginia. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T624, Roll 1624; FHL #1375637.

Ivan Leonard Duncan

M, b. 7 September 1908, d. 21 April 1994
     Ivan Leonard Duncan was born on 7 September 1908. He was the son of Chauncey Earl Duncan and Myrtle Jane Blayney. Ivan Leonard Duncan married Florence Evelyn Pieper, daughter of Uriah Clifford Pieper and Odessa Carolina Tallman, on 4 April 1942 at Monticello, Jones Co., IA. Ivan Leonard Duncan died on 21 April 1994 at age 85. He was buried in April 1994 at Green Center Cemetery, Morley, Jones Co., IA, Findagrave #49278597.

James Duncan

M, b. 8 January 1790, d. 10 October 1865
     James Duncan was born on 8 January 1790 at Virginia. He was the son of Joseph Duncan and Ann Shaw. James Duncan married Sarah Hunt, daughter of Rev. Uriah Hunt and Sarah Jane Kincheloe. James Duncan died on 10 October 1865 at Girard, Macoupin Co., IL, at age 75. He was buried in October 1865 at Girard Twp. Cemetery, Girard, Macoupin Co., IL.

Children of James Duncan and Sarah Hunt

James T. Duncan

M, b. October 1855, d. 27 January 1939
     Note: In the 1900 Census, living with James and Virginia Duncan, was Orphus B. Short. He is listed as a nephew. Orphus was born 26 December 1887 in Waukesha, Wisconsin, lived much of his life in New York and died in May 1966 in Ormond Beach, Volusia Co., Florida. Gwendolin (Stewart) Adams says that Orphus was Virginia's nephew.

James T. Duncan was born in October 1855 at Shelby Co., IL. He was the son of Joseph Franklin Duncan and Susannah C. DeVault. James T. Duncan married Virginia F. Groom on 28 February 1883, no children. James T. Duncan died on 27 January 1939 at Decatur, Macon Co., IL, at age 83. He was buried in 1939 at Greenwood Cemetery, Decatur, Macon Co., IL.

James T. Duncan

     James T. Duncan was the son of James W. Duncan and Abigail Profitt.

James W. Duncan

M, b. 4 July 1830, d. 24 November 1888

JAMES W. DUNCAN was for several years a resident of this county, and during the latter part of his life was one of the leading farmers of South Palmyra Township, owning one of the best farms in that locality, and his death was a severe blow to its most important industry. He was born in Washington County, Tenn., July 4, 1832, and was a son of James Duncan, who is also supposed to have been a native of Tennessee. He in turn was a son of Joseph Duncan, who was a pioneer farmer of that State and spent his last years in Washington County, where he cleared a farm from the wilderness. He was a soldier of the Revolution, and was a pensioner during the latter part of his life.
The father of our subject grew to maturity in his native county, and began his career as a farmer on the old homestead that was his birthplace, a part of which he inherited, and he bought the remainder of the other heirs to the estate. He resided thereon many years, actively engaged in agriculture, but in 1856 he came to Illinois to spend his last days with his children, and his life was brought to a close in the home of our subject near Girard. His wife, who bore the maiden name of Sarah Hunt, died at the home of their daughter near Sulphur Springs, Macoupin County.
He of whom these lines are a brief biographical record passed his early life amid the scenes of his birth, and remained with his parents until he was twenty-one. He was of a thoughtful, studious turn of mind, and ambitious to gain an education, he made the best of his advantages at Fall Branch College. When he attained his majority he came to Illinois, and utilized his knowledge of books by teaching in South Palmyra Township two years. He then bought some wild prairie land near Girard, at the rate of $10 an acre, and buying a house, moved it to his land for a dwelling. He broke and fenced his land, and lived on it eight years after his marriage. At the expiration of that time he sold and removed to Girard, where he engaged in the grain business the ensuing two years. After that he bought the farm on section 8, South Palmyra Township now occupied by his family. It comprises three hundred and eight acres of land of surpassing fertility, and with its fine improvements ranks among the best in the township.
March 25, 1861, was the date of the marriage of Mr. Duncan with Abigail Proffitt, a native of Tennessee, and to her active and able co-operation he owed much of his prosperity. Three of the children born of their marriage are living: John W., who married Miss Fannie Thacker; Joseph B. and James T. Their first-born child, Allen C., married Mary Fansler, and after marriage settled in Franklin County, Kan., where he died in 1882.
Mrs. Duncan's father, Daniel B. Proffitt, was a native of the same Tennessee county in which his daughter was born. He was a son of John Proffitt, who is also thought to have been born in that county. He carried on his business as a farmer there, improved a farm, and continued to live in that county until his demise. The maiden name of his wife was Mollie Barnes, and she was a life-long resident of Tennessee.
Daniel B. Proffitt was reared and married in the county of his nativity. He inherited a part of his father's old homestead, and bought the interest of the other heirs in it. He made it his home until 1854, and then came to Illinois, journeying on a flat boat down the Tennessee River to Paducah, Ky., and thence by steamer on the Ohio and Mississippi rivers to Alton, and from there by rail to this county. He bought a home in South Palmyra Township, in which he dwelt until he closed his eyes in the dreamless sleep of death. His widow spent her last years with her daughter, Mrs. Duncan. Her maiden name was Sarah Range, and she was born in Washington County, Tenn., a daughter of John and Abigail Range.
Our subject passed away November 24, 1889. He left a record worthy of emulation of one who by right living had won the full trust and regard of all with whom he came in contact. He conscientiously and unfalteringly strove to do his duty at all times and in all places, and the Baptist Church which he joined in his youth, found in him one of its most ardent and active members and one of the most useful Deacons, an office which he held for many years, and his place in the church and in his community can never be filled. His wife also belonged to that Church.

James W. Duncan was born on 4 July 1830 at Washington Co., TN. He was the son of James Duncan and Sarah Hunt. James W. Duncan married Abigail Profitt, daughter of Daniel Profitt and Sarah Range, on 22 March 1858 at Macoupin Co., IL. James W. Duncan was buried in November 1888 at Girard Twp. Cemetery, Girard, Macoupin Co., IL. He died on 24 November 1888 at South Palmyra Twp., Macoupin Co., IL, at age 58.

Children of James W. Duncan and Abigail Profitt

James Whitfield Duncan

M, b. 10 September 1817, d. 16 October 1887
     Note: Frederick Russell DeVault had this to say in regard to James Duncan, "Uncle Jim was dressy and smart. Generally wore fine shirts, stand up collars and a high silk hat. I never knew a Duncan that was not a Presbyterian -- Scotch people -- blue stocking type."


Charlotte, Oct 10, ‘68
Mrs. Mary Jane Guerrant
My Dear Niece;
     Yours of 1st inst. reached me on yesterday. Of its unusual merits & excellence as an epistolary effort, I need not speak; but of its condolence & sympathy for my aching heart & bereft condition, I must speak.
     Now, more than ever do my affections centre upon you for bereaved of the darling of my bosom, & having no surviving children to love, it is natural for me to flee to you, My dear Niece, whom my sainted wife & myself have so long loved.
     But for the promises of God, I would sink under my troubles resulting from her death. Excuse my weakness, for I do love to write about her & to commemorate her memory. She is now with my mother and father, your sainted mother & the rest of our sainted relations whose spirits had gone up to Heaven before her. Oh, Lord God, have mercy upon me!
     In our beautiful 40 acre cemetery of this city her mortal remains now rest.
     I was at the grave the other day & oh imagine my meditations as I wept over her among the tombs!
     The wreath that was left upon her bosom when she was interred had wilted & when I reflected that she slept among strangers, I could but feel like remaining with her for company.
     But I must give her up, for a merciful God has so decreed it. I am reduced from 150 to 127 pounds in flesh.
     My brother’s family is now convalescing. When I get the monument erected to the memory of my beloved Mary & her grave bedecked with flowers &c, it will be beautiful.
     I want you to have something of your Aunt’s as a memento of her virtue, piety & excellence. Give my most kindly and tender regard to the Doctor, whose sympathy & condolence for me was highly appreciated. Accept my love for yourself. Write
               Yr aff. Uncle, J. W. Duncan

Note: After Mary's death, James married Martha Broyles and a few years later married M. A. Royce.


                    Home, Greene Co., Tenn.
                    Augt. 10, 1870
Mrs. M. J. Guerrant
     Dear Niece;
     Your note & the Doctor’s by Bruce I have just received.
     He was here – had not met him before since his return from Ky. I believe every word that you say in regard to the matter which I had heard & wrote about when Bruce was with you, & am sorry that I mentioned it.
     When I wrote to Bruce, I was wounded & thought it hard for you to turn against me. I have given you every kindness & have made you presents cheerfully & freely, & would do so again. I said I was sorry that I had made you presents, because I thought you had turned against me. I do not think so now and do not now believe what I heard, for my confidence in you is implicit & therefore I believe that your statement about that matter, & am fully satisfied.
     I will tell you what I heard, namely, that you said that I was a drunkard and mean to my wife. But I am now satisfied that you did not, & take back what I said about you, for I like you, am your friend, & want to do right. I know the Doctor wrote his note whilest he was wounded & I forgive him most cheerfully. What made me believe the report at the time was a remark you had made in a letter to me once. You said in regard to my marrying, “If you marry you, have no children, there will be one to be happy or un______.” Leaving that word unspelt, I thought it meant more than ordinary, but your denial is all I ask, and you have given me that.
     I hope you will be satisfied & continue my friend and write me as usual.
     Present me kindly to the Doctor & tell him to forgive me & write. The friend are well.
     Please answer this promptly, directly to this office. My health is feeble.
               Your affectionate uncle, J. W. Duncan

Note: This letter suggests that Mary did not make remarks about James Duncan’s excessive drinking. See letter from Mary’s cousin, Sarah Priscilla “Sallie” (DeVault) Fitch, for further discussion of the matter.

James Whitfield Duncan was born on 10 September 1817 at Washington Co., TN. He was the son of Joseph Duncan and Molly Allison. James Whitfield Duncan married Mary Ann DaVault, daughter of Frederick DaVault and Margaret Range, on 24 May 1838 at Washington Co., TN. James Whitfield Duncan married Martha Broyles after 1868. James Whitfield Duncan married Martha Royce on 27 October 1874 at Greene Co., TN. James Whitfield Duncan died on 16 October 1887 at age 70.

Jennie Duncan

F, b. 26 April 1852, d. 14 October 1892
     Jennie Duncan was born on 26 April 1852 at Tennessee. She was the daughter of Joseph Franklin Duncan and Susannah C. DeVault. Jennie Duncan died on 14 October 1892 at Shelby Co., IL, at age 40. She was buried in October 1892 at Westside Cemetery, Moweaqua, Shelby Co., IL, Headstone inscription:

APRIL 26, 1852
OCT 14, 1892

Note: Did not marry.