Philip Erbaugh

     Philip Erbaugh married Susan Bowser on 12 August 1875 at Montgomery Co., OH.

Child of Philip Erbaugh and Susan Bowser

Richard Orion Erbaugh DDS

M, b. 21 September 1918, d. 9 January 1988
     Richard Orion Erbaugh DDS was born on 21 September 1918 at Trotwood, Montgomery Co., OH.1 He was the son of Orion Erbaugh and Omy Kuns.1 Richard Orion Erbaugh DDS married Virginia Mae Noll, daughter of Wilbur G. Noll and Olive Naomi Lechner, on 20 March 1943 at Crystal, Montcalm Co., MI. Richard Orion Erbaugh DDS began military service on 8 July 1952 U.S. Army service, enlisted. He ended military service on 18 October 1954. Occupation: Dentist at Grand Rapids, Kent Co., MI. He died on 9 January 1988 at Ada, Kent Co., MI, at age 69.


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Samuel Augustus Erbaugh1

M, b. 12 June 1857, d. 21 October 1917
     Samuel Augustus Erbaugh was born on 12 June 1857 at Perry Twp., Montgomery Co., OH.2 He was the son of Rev. Abraham P. Erbaugh and Sarah C. Martin.1 Samuel Augustus Erbaugh married Barbara Ann Bookwalter.1 Samuel Augustus Erbaugh died on 21 October 1917 at age 60. He was buried in October 1917 at Hillgrove Cemetery, Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH, Findagrave #177932076.

Child of Samuel Augustus Erbaugh and Barbara Ann Bookwalter


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Ulysses Erbaugh

     Ulysses Erbaugh was the son of Philip Erbaugh and Susan Bowser. Ulysses Erbaugh married Bessie Haney, daughter of Frank Haney and Mary Elizabeth Tobias, on 22 December 1909 at Montgomery Co., OH.

Johanna Augusta Erbentraut1

F, b. 4 March 1847, d. 11 February 1901
     Johanna Augusta Erbentraut was born on 4 March 1847 at Baden, Germany.1 She married John Adam Scheibeler circa 1865.2 Johanna Augusta Erbentraut died on 11 February 1901 at Delphos, Ottawa Co., KS, at age 53.

Child of Johanna Augusta Erbentraut and John Adam Scheibeler


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Augustine Erchenbrecht

M, b. 3 June 1755, d. 1832
     Augustine Erchenbrecht was born on 3 June 1755 at Shenandoah Co. (now), VA. He married Barbara Hanger. Augustine Erchenbrecht died in 1832 at Augusta Co., VA.

Child of Augustine Erchenbrecht and Barbara Hanger

Betty Jane Erdman

F, b. 1 September 1921
     Note: Had seven children. Betty Jane Erdman was born on 1 September 1921. She was the daughter of Ernest Thomas Erdman and Nellie Baxter Davis.

Ernest Thomas Erdman

M, b. 25 March 1896
     Ernest Thomas Erdman was born on 25 March 1896. He married Nellie Baxter Davis, daughter of Jasper Newton Davis and Lucy J. Engleman, on 12 September 1920 at Harrison Co., IN.

Children of Ernest Thomas Erdman and Nellie Baxter Davis

Ernest Thomas Erdman

M, b. 14 May 1925
     Ernest Thomas Erdman was born on 14 May 1925. He was the son of Ernest Thomas Erdman and Nellie Baxter Davis.

Johanna Katharina Erdt

F, b. 21 October 1890, d. 4 April 1983
     Johanna Katharina Erdt was born on 21 October 1890 at Kaufbeuren, Germany. She married Eduard Ernst Munzinger, son of Ernst Munzinger and Marie Munzinger, on 31 March 1913 at Kaufbeuren, Germany. Johanna Katharina Erdt died on 4 April 1983 at Neuberg / Donau, Germany, at age 92.

Children of Johanna Katharina Erdt and Eduard Ernst Munzinger

Bertie Ergood1

F, b. 28 August 1852, d. 23 March 1893
     Bertie Ergood was born on 28 August 1852.1 She was the daughter of Jacob Ergood and Mary Knauer.1 Bertie Ergood married Newton Wanger, son of George Wanger and Rebecca Price, on 12 March 1878, Ceremony by Rev. John Harley.1 Bertie Ergood died on 23 March 1893 at age 40.1

Child of Bertie Ergood and Newton Wanger


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Jacob Ergood1

     Jacob Ergood married Mary Knauer.1

Child of Jacob Ergood and Mary Knauer


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Charles T. Erickson

M, b. 22 February 1918, d. 17 March 1988
     Charles T. Erickson was born on 22 February 1918. He married Eleanor Jane Buchholzer, daughter of Julius Johannes Buchholzer and Kathleen Rachel Shaw, on 3 December 1953. Charles T. Erickson died on 17 March 1988 at age 70 Obituary (

Commencement East High School, Akron Ohio 31 Jan 1935
Commencement Kent State University 9 Jun 1941 B.S. College of Business Administration with honors, elected to Delta Kappa Psi honorary fraternity - life member of KSU Alumni Association

Member Bel-Air Country Club
32nd degree Mason
Founded the Bluebird Foundation to help underprivileged individuals receive orthodontic treatment.

Personality Profile: Happy person - friendly - social - charitable - loved people - outgoing - gregarious - very loyal to his church and his family - ambitious - industrious.

He was buried in March 1988 at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles Co., CA, Findagrave #85870033.

Christine Erickson

     Christine Erickson married Perry Larson.

Child of Christine Erickson and Perry Larson

Harry V. Erickson

M, b. 26 February 1909, d. 5 April 1967
     Harry V. Erickson was born on 26 February 1909. He married Flossie Justyne Lovell, daughter of Henry Robert Lovell and Grace Pearl Bever, before April 1940. Harry V. Erickson began military service on 7 April 1943 at Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Co., MI, WW II service, enlisted, Army Medical Corps. He died on 5 April 1967 at age 58. He was buried in April 1967 at Maple Hill Cemetery, Cadillac, Wexford Co., MI, Findagrave #123133997 - a military-provided headstone. A headstone also exists at Fairview Cemetery in Manton, next to that of his wife Flossie. Not certain which one is the actual site of interment.

Ida May Erickson1

F, b. October 1877
     Ida May Erickson was born in October 1877 at Maryland.1 She married Silas Kelly Utz, son of Rev. Samuel Hohf Utz and Lucinda M. Kelly, circa 1898.1

Child of Ida May Erickson and Silas Kelly Utz


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Melvin Erickson

     Melvin Erickson married Hazel Pratt.

Child of Melvin Erickson and Hazel Pratt

Roland Van Erickson

M, b. 19 November 1914, d. 11 October 1943
     Roland Van Erickson was born on 19 November 1914 at Cass Co., MN. He was the son of Melvin Erickson and Hazel Pratt. Roland Van Erickson married Pauline Lydia Butcher, daughter of Eben William Butcher and Anna Lydia Turnbull, on 21 July 1937 at Vancouver, Clark Co., WA. Roland Van Erickson died on 11 October 1943 at El Paso Co., CO, at age 28 NEWSPAPER ARTICLE - Seattle Daily Times; October 12, 1943; page 7; (

Asotin Flyer Killed In Colorado Crash
Lieut. Roland V. Erickson, 29 years old, of Clarkston, Asotin County, was killed when a B-24 Liberator bomber from Gore Field, Great Falls, Mont., crashed yesterday near Colorado Springs, Colo., the Associated Press reported. Two other Army airmen died when the bomber crashed and burned during a takeoff.


Colorado WWII Fatal Crash Site #58
October 11, 1943
A B-24D (#42-72880) Liberator heavy bomber being flown by an Air Transport Command (ATC) crew crashed and burned shortly after takeoff. The pilot had many hours of flying time but it had been a full year since he had flown a B-24 type aircraft. The same lack of B-24 experience could be said about the co-pilot and engineer. The cause of the accident was 60% pilot error and 40% ferry command supervisory personnel error in "not sending a sufficiently trained crew for ferry duty of B-24 type aircraft."
Captain Niels Chievitz, 0-472156, pilot, Minneapolis, MN
1st Lt. Roland V. Erickson, 0-500329, co-pilot, Asotin Co., WA
S/Sgt. Robert B. Rue, 35661282, engineer, Miami Co., OH

Service Branch: ARMY
Rank: 1 LT
Date of Death: 0000-00-00
Hostile: Dnb
Home of Record City/County: Asotin
Home of Record State: Washington
Conflict: WWII.

He was buried in October 1943 at Vineland Cemetery, Clarkston, Asotin Co., WA.

Mary Ella Ericson

F, b. 25 December 1879, d. November 1966
     Mary Ella Ericson was born on 25 December 1879 at Illinois. She married Charles Augustine Cave, son of Henry Clay Cave and Mariah Elizabeth Ridgway, in 1900. Mary Ella Ericson died in November 1966 at Lincoln, Lancaster Co., NE, at age 86.

Jacob Erisman

     Jacob Erisman married Adda Hershey, daughter of Christian Hershey and Esther Egli, circa 1748.

Lillie Dale Erisman

F, b. 11 March 1881, d. 15 November 1970
     Lillie Dale Erisman was born on 11 March 1881. She married George Lierheimer. Lillie Dale Erisman died on 15 November 1970 at age 89. She was buried in November 1970 at Bethel Presbyterian Cemetery, Audrain Co., MO, Findagrave #66855716.

Child of Lillie Dale Erisman and George Lierheimer

Blanche Ernest1

F, b. November 1879
     Blanche Ernest was born in November 1879 at Johnson Co. (probably), KS.1 She was the daughter of Joseph Ernest and Ellen Berry.1


  1. [S1017] 1880 Federal Census, Johnson County, Kansas. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T9, Roll 384; FHL #1254384.

Joseph Ernest1

M, b. circa 1856
     Joseph Ernest was born circa 1856 at Canada.1 He married Ellen Berry, daughter of William Berry and Nancy Welsh, on 22 December 1875 at Tazewell Co., IL.1

Child of Joseph Ernest and Ellen Berry


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Brigitta Ernst

F, b. 21 August 1960, d. 26 November 1989
     Brigitta Ernst was born on 21 August 1960 at Köln / Rhein, Germany. She was the daughter of Heinz Ernst and Hildegard Munzinger. Brigitta Ernst died on 26 November 1989 at Köln / Rhein, Germany, at age 29. Cause of death: Suicide.

Elizabeth Ernst

     Elizabeth Ernst married Seth Weldy, son of Daniel Weldy and Elizabeth Beery, on 11 November 1871.

Heinz Ernst

M, b. 24 July 1930, d. 9 February 2011
     Heinz Ernst was born on 24 July 1930 at Dülmen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. He married Hildegard Munzinger, daughter of Otto Munzinger and Irmgard Luise Wilhelmine Bergmann, on 25 July 1959 at Altenglen, Germany. Occupation: Studiendirektor in Köln. Heinz Ernst died on 9 February 2011 at Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, at age 80. He was buried in February 2011 at Dülmen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany.

Child of Heinz Ernst and Hildegard Munzinger

J. George Ernst

M, b. 1799, d. 1881
     J. George Ernst married Fanny Frantz, daughter of John Frantz and Elizabeth Hershey. J. George Ernst was born in 1799. He died in 1881.

Mary Irene Ernst

F, b. 15 September 1924
     Mary Irene Ernst was born on 15 September 1924.

Otto Ernst

M, b. 1921, d. 27 June 2000
     Otto Ernst was born in 1921. He died on 27 June 2000.

Birdal Lorena Erskine

F, b. 8 October 1917, d. 22 February 1980
     Birdal Lorena Erskine was born on 8 October 1917 at Texas. She was the daughter of Edward M. Erskine and Tommie D. McDaniel. Birdal Lorena Erskine married Ronald Hilton Martin Jr., son of Ronald Hilton Martin and Mary Emily Gillmore, on 5 May 1947 at Texas. Birdal Lorena Erskine died on 22 February 1980 at Azusa, Los Angeles Co., CA, at age 62.