Abigail Garner

     Abigail Garner married John Range, son of Peter Range and Elizabeth Ronimus.

Child of Abigail Garner and John Range

Dorthy Dimple Garner

F, b. 14 March 1924
     Dorthy Dimple Garner was born on 14 March 1924. She was the daughter of William Oscar Garner and Effie Maude Aday. Dorthy Dimple Garner married Willard Delmar Starr, son of Ross Vincent Starr and Grace Mabel Jennison, on 16 December 1965 at Bakersfield, Kern Co., CA.

Elizabeth Jane Garner1

F, b. 5 May 1868, d. 11 August 1953
     Elizabeth Jane Garner was born on 5 May 1868.1 She married Thomas Harold Sharp circa 1881.1 Elizabeth Jane Garner died on 11 August 1953 at age 85. She was buried in August 1953 at Oak Spring Cemetery, Canonsburg, Washington Co., PA, Findagrave #143408469.

Child of Elizabeth Jane Garner and Thomas Harold Sharp


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Nancy M. Garner1

F, b. 12 March 1843, d. before 1908
     Nancy M. Garner was born on 12 March 1843 at Indiana 1900 census shows 1846.1,2 She married Joseph F. Adams on 23 December 1860 at Livingston Co., IL, Ten children born according to 1900 census. (Nancy was remarried to Patrick Cain.)2 Nancy M. Garner married Patrick H. Cain on 13 October 1893 at Livingston Co., IL. Nancy M. Garner lived on 4 June 1900 at 702 West Madison Street, Pontiac, Livingston Co., IL.2 She died before 1908.

Child of Nancy M. Garner and Joseph F. Adams


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William Oscar Garner

     William Oscar Garner died at Bakersfield, Kern Co., CA. He married Effie Maude Aday at Oklahoma. William Oscar Garner was born at Berryville, Carroll Co., AR.

Child of William Oscar Garner and Effie Maude Aday

Boyd Garns

M, b. 6 June 1892
     Boyd Garns was Baptist. Occupation: Manual training instructor and athletic coach. He was born on 6 June 1892.1 He was the son of J. Garns and Anna (?) Boyd Garns married Evelyn Brenaman, daughter of Abram S. Brenaman and Amanda Arnold, on 8 June 1920.1 Boyd Garns lived in 1926 at Freeport, Stephenson Co., IL.

Children of Boyd Garns and Evelyn Brenaman


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Don Edward Garns

M, b. 31 December 1923, d. September 1980
     Don Edward Garns was born on 31 December 1923.1 He was the son of Boyd Garns and Evelyn Brenaman. Don Edward Garns died in September 1980 at Kirkland, King Co., WA, at age 56.2


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J. Garns

     J. Garns married Anna (?).

Child of J. Garns and Anna (?)

Phyllis Jean Garns

F, b. 10 February 1921
     Phyllis Jean Garns was born on 10 February 1921.1 She was the daughter of Boyd Garns and Evelyn Brenaman.


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George Henry Garnsey

M, b. 12 June 1916, d. 9 December 1976
     George Henry Garnsey was born on 12 June 1916. He began military service on 21 February 1941 WW II service, enlisted, U.S. Army, discharged 17 OCT 1943. He married Margaret Keys Ladds, daughter of John Alfred Ladds and Elizabeth Churchill Keyes. George Henry Garnsey died on 9 December 1976 at Santa Barbara Co., CA, at age 60. He was buried in December 1976 at Santa Barbara Cemetery, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA, Findagrave #88576797.

Mary J. Garnsey1

F, b. 5 October 1811, d. 11 January 1887
     Mary J. Garnsey was born on 5 October 1811 at Saratoga Co., NY.1 She married Henry Williams on 19 October 1829 at Monroe Co., NY. Mary J. Garnsey died on 11 January 1887 at Clinton, Clinton Co., IA, at age 75. She was buried in January 1887 at Springdale Cemetery, Clinton, Clinton Co., IA, Find A Grave Memorial# 6746073.

Child of Mary J. Garnsey and Henry Williams


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Henry Garrabrant

     Henry Garrabrant married Anna Alberta Anderson.

Child of Henry Garrabrant and Anna Alberta Anderson

Karl Richard Garrabrant

M, b. circa 1923
     Karl Richard Garrabrant was born circa 1923 at Ohio. He was the son of Henry Garrabrant and Anna Alberta Anderson. Karl Richard Garrabrant married Florence M. McLoughlin, daughter of Christopher Jerome McLoughlin and Neva Delight Bowers.

Valerie Faye Garrad

F, b. 5 January 1925, d. 11 June 2014
     Valerie Faye Garrad was born on 5 January 1925. She married John Guy Munsinger, son of Theodore Roosevelt Munsinger and Ellen Irene Sterling. Valerie Faye Garrad died on 11 June 2014 at age 89. She was buried in June 2014 at Glenrock Cemetery, Glenrock, Converse Co., WY, Findagrave #152567539.

Geraldine Louise Garrage

F, b. 1 January 1935, d. 8 January 2013
     Geraldine Louise Garrage was born on 1 January 1935 at St. Charles, Saginaw Co., MI. She married Boyd J. Maynard, son of Charles Selleck Maynard and Violet L. Boyd, two children. Geraldine Louise Garrage died on 8 January 2013 at Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co., MI, at age 78.

William Monroe Garrard1

M, b. 28 July 1888, d. 15 May 1957
     William Monroe Garrard was born on 28 July 1888 at Mercer Co., OH.1 He married Flossie May Youngblutt on 15 May 1905 at Mercer Co., OH. William Monroe Garrard died on 15 May 1957 at Toledo, Lucas Co., OH, at age 68.
Note: Info per William & Flossie Youngblutt Garard Family genealogy prepared by LWalendzak, online at ancestry.com.

Child of William Monroe Garrard and Flossie May Youngblutt


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James E. Garretson

     James E. Garretson married Clara (?).

Child of James E. Garretson and Clara (?)

Ralph Henry Garretson

M, b. 26 July 1907, d. 22 April 1980
     Ralph Henry Garretson was born on 26 July 1907 at Detroit, Wayne Co., MI. He was the son of James E. Garretson and Clara (?) Ralph Henry Garretson married Florence Minerva Larimore, daughter of William Gerry Larimore and Ada Irene Dix. Ralph Henry Garretson died on 22 April 1980 at Royal Oak, Oakland Co., MI, at age 72.

Albert W. Garrett1

M, d. 11 March 1881
     Albert W. Garrett married Georgianna Hedges, daughter of Harvey Allen Hedges and Catharine E. Miller, on 13 February 1873.1 Albert W. Garrett died on 11 March 1881.1

Children of Albert W. Garrett and Georgianna Hedges


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Anthony Garrett1

M, b. circa 1787, d. 26 December 1861
     Anthony Garrett was born circa 1787 at Virginia.1 He married Mary Phoebe Fletcher on 13 April 1811 at Fauquier Co., VA.1 Anthony Garrett died on 26 December 1861 at Harrison Co., VA.

Child of Anthony Garrett and Mary Phoebe Fletcher


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Benjamin Garrett

     Benjamin Garrett married Elizabeth Ellis.

Child of Benjamin Garrett and Elizabeth Ellis

Catherine Garrett

F, b. 1877
     Catherine Garrett was born in 1877 at Kansas. She married Walter E. Tallman, son of Benjamin Tallman and Nollie Ann Carroll.

Children of Catherine Garrett and Walter E. Tallman

Charles Douglas Garrett

M, b. 2 March 1959, d. 23 December 1990
     Charles Douglas Garrett was born on 2 March 1959 at Galesburg, Knox Co., IL. He was the son of Harold Boyd Garrett Jr. and Annabelle Lee Pollock. Charles Douglas Garrett died on 23 December 1990 at San Francisco Co., CA, at age 31 From John P Kirkpatrick
Charles Douglas Garrett was born 2 March 1959 at Galesburg, Knox County, Illinois, and died 23 December 1990 in California. Charles received his undergrad. degree from Illinois State University, and his Masters from the University of Southern Florida.
Charles was a Medical Research Librarian for the Veterans Administration. Charles never married.

Charles H. Garrett1

M, b. December 1861
     Charles H. Garrett was born in December 1861 at Indiana.1 He married May Belle Fessler on 20 April 1881 at Kosciusko Co., IN.1 Charles H. Garrett died at Ohio.

Child of Charles H. Garrett and May Belle Fessler


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Charles Leroy Garrett

M, b. 26 December 1887, d. May 1969
     Charles Leroy Garrett was born on 26 December 1887 at Indiana.1 He was the son of Charles H. Garrett and May Belle Fessler.2 Charles Leroy Garrett married Etta Fern Williams, daughter of Lorenzo Williams and Zoa L. Shinkle, on 2 February 1907 at Madison Co., IN. Charles Leroy Garrett died in May 1969 at Butler Co., OH, at age 81.

Children of Charles Leroy Garrett and Etta Fern Williams


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Clarence Garrett1

M, b. circa 1913
     Clarence Garrett was born circa 1913 at Ohio.1 He was the son of Charles Leroy Garrett and Etta Fern Williams.1


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Dera M. Garrett1

     Dera M. Garrett was the daughter of Albert W. Garrett and Georgianna Hedges.1
Note: Did not marry.1 Dera M. Garrett lived in 1926 at Marshall, Saline Co., MO.1


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Elmer E. Garrett

     Elmer E. Garrett married Lillian Law, daughter of Uriah Law and Letitia Ann Baird, on 25 July 1889.

Erma Garrett

F, b. 4 April 1917, d. 19 March 2002
     Erma Garrett was born on 4 April 1917 at Washington Co., PA. She was the daughter of Norman Thumbough Garrett and Eva Lillian Craig. Erma Garrett married Raymond Harry Powell, son of Harry Clifford Powell and Amanda Sally Pettit, on 20 June 1936 at Washington Co., PA. Erma Garrett died on 19 March 2002 at age 84.

Eugenia Brown Garrett

F, b. 11 August 1872, d. 15 December 1963
     Eugenia Brown Garrett was born on 11 August 1872 at New Florence, Montgomery Co., MO. She was the daughter of Benjamin Garrett and Elizabeth Ellis. Eugenia Brown Garrett married Edwin Lee DaVault, son of Frederick DaVault and Margaret Ellen McCleary, on 18 November 1896, Davault -- Garrett

Wednesday evening Nov. 18th a pretty wedding was solemnized at the cozy home of Mr and Mrs B F Garrett. The contracting parties being their only daughter, Eugenia Brown and Edwin Lee Davault. At 7:30 the bridal party entered the tastefully decorated parlor to the melodious strains of the wedding march rendered by Miss Alice Cardwell. The bride and groom were preceded by four young men, Pate Young, Jack Garrett, T. L. Cardwell Bruce Davault and four you ladies Misses Duffy, Goddin, Emma Davault and Lella Hatchett, who arranged themselves on either side the center of the crowded parlor forming an aisle up which the couple advanced till they stood directly under a handsome wedding bell of ferns and chrysanthemums, the clapper of which swayed to and fro with every breath as though singing out a gladsome prophesy for the future of the young pair. Here they were united by Rev J T McDonald, who in a very brief but impressive ceremony pronounced them man and wife. Without waiting for congratulations the newly wedded pair led the way to the dining room where an excellent supper of three courses were served. While the happy guests, about 70 in number, were satisfying the demands of the inner man with the delicious viands the eye was being feasted upon the beautiful table decorations, consisting of festoons of smilax and white chrysanthemums dropped from the center of the ceiling to every corner of the table on which were arranged pretty doilies, fruits, ferns, etc. The bride always pretty and attractive, never looked so handsome as when attired in an eloquent cloth dress of ashes of roses, trimmed in ribbon and chiffon and holding in her hand a point lace handkerchief and a boquet of white chrysanthemums tied with ribbon, she took the vows of wifehood.
A number of useful presents were received: Set of dishes, Lineaus M Garrett; Dresden clock, Alf Davault and wife, John Knox and wife; marble clock, Charlie Wilson, wife and Pate Young; carving set, Nettie Goddin; table linen, Mrs F Davault table linen, Mr and Mrs Wagoner; silver pick holder, Laura Kirtly; sugar spoon, Mattie Kuhne; silver napkin ring, Lizzie and Emma Davault $5, F Davault; rug, W G Garrett; rug W H Knox and wife; silver berry spoon, Jos McCleary and family; lamp, Joe and Ock Garrett; knives, forks and spoons, B F Garrett: tea spoons, Bruce Davault and Jack Garrett; tea spoons, Abe Davault and family; desert knives, C A Bass and family; cut glass tumblers, Mrs N M Garrett; dolies, Mrs Clark Morris movable clock, W H and J A Garrett; vase, Alice Cardwell; salid fork J F Ball and wife; pearl handle fruit knives, M A Grisham and wife; dresser and wash stand set, Annie Duffy; salt and peppers, Misses Hatchett; cake and pie knife, C A Davault and wife; berry set Annie Janssen; glass tea set, Tillie Millikan; pair towels, Riley Grisham; pair towels, Mrs McDonald: tray cloth, Emma Davault; granite ware, Mr and Mrs Phaff, pitcher, L Phillips; butter knife Grace Gardner and Mary Taylor; fine chickens, Mrs Marlow; flour bin, Mrs B E Wilson. Guests.


Ed Davault and Miss Eugenia Garrett Married Wednesday Evening.

A very pretty wedding occurred at the home of B F Garrett's two miles east of this place Wednesday eve, when Miss Eugenia, the only daughter of Mr and Mrs Garrett was united in marriage to Edward L Davault. Rev J T McDonald sealed the weding vows in very short but earnest manner.
The couple was conducted into the parlor by four couples: Pate Young, Lella Hatchett; Jack Garrett, Emma Davault; Bruce Davault, Nettie Goddin; Fayette Cardwell, Anna Duffy. The young men preceeded the young ladies into the parlor, the latter coming in and taking positions aside the young men. Mr. Davault and bride stood beneath a beautiful bell made of ferns and chrysantheums.
Miss Eugenia wore a suit of silver gray trimmed in ribbon of same shade and carried a large bunch of chrysantheums. Mr. Davault was attired in black, gloves and wore a button boquet of chrysantheums.
The dining room and table was very attractively trimmed. The delicacis prepared for the occasion were fully enjoyed.
Ed and wife came to town that night and occupied their home which had been previously prepared for them.
The LEADER only wishes for them the best and brightest side of life.

Eugenia Brown Garrett died on 15 December 1963 at Riverside, Riverside Co., CA, at age 91 OBITUARY - The Daily Enterprise, Tuesday, December 17, 1963
DAVAULT - In Riverside, Calif., Dec. 15, 1963. Mrs. Eugenia B. Davault aged 91 years. Late resident of 1833 Seventh St., Riverside, Calif. Mother of Roy Davault of 1833 Seventh St., Riverside, Calif. Services will be conducted Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock in the M. H. Simons & Co., Chapel. Rev. John P. Boyce officiating. Interment in Olivewood Cemetery. Our parking lot on Orange street for your convenence. If desired, contributions may be made to the charity of your desire.

Child of Eugenia Brown Garrett and Edwin Lee DaVault