Sarah Greene

     Sarah Greene married Lovell S. Coffman, son of David Harmon Coffman and Elizabeth Lovell, in 1803 at Giles Co., TN.

Child of Sarah Greene and Lovell S. Coffman

Permelia Almira Greener

F, b. 20 July 1889, d. 16 March 1979
     Permelia Almira Greener was born on 20 July 1889. She married Jacob Felix on 1 October 1908 at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., UT. Permelia Almira Greener died on 16 March 1979 at age 89.

Child of Permelia Almira Greener and Jacob Felix

Clarence Greenfield

M, b. 30 May 1892, d. January 1972
     Clarence Greenfield was born on 30 May 1892. He married Elva Marie Houck, daughter of John R. Houck and Cora J. Wilkin, in 1954. Clarence Greenfield died in January 1972 at Highland Co., OH, at age 79 dates per SSDI, last residence Hillsboro.

(?) Greenleaf

     (?) Greenleaf married Abraham Steed.

Child of (?) Greenleaf and Abraham Steed

Evaline Etta Greenleaf

     Evaline Etta Greenleaf married Dr. Columbus Casto. Evaline Etta Greenleaf married George Nestor Windle, son of Robert Hanger Windle and Rebecca Ann Morris, on 11 April 1895 at Roane Co., WV.

Calvin W. Greenlee

     Calvin W. Greenlee married Oma M. Cantrill.

Child of Calvin W. Greenlee and Oma M. Cantrill

James R. Greenlee

M, b. 9 February 1905, d. 13 December 1984
     James R. Greenlee was born on 9 February 1905 at Harveyville, Wabaunsee Co., KS. He was the son of Calvin W. Greenlee and Oma M. Cantrill. James R. Greenlee married Julia Marie Heazeltine, daughter of Roswell Heazeltine and Jessie Green, on 22 March 1933. James R. Greenlee died on 13 December 1984 at age 79.

Child of James R. Greenlee and Julia Marie Heazeltine

Joseph Greenlee1

     Joseph Greenlee married Margaret Foglesong, daughter of George Vogelsong and Eva Maria Swartz, on 20 January 1834 at Mason Co., VA (now WV).1


  1. [S1760] Swartz Descendants PDF Document, by B. K. Swartz, p.20.

Mary B. Greenlee1

F, b. circa 1850
     Mary B. Greenlee was born circa 1850 at Ohio.2 She was the daughter of Sarah C. (?)2 Mary B. Greenlee married Thomas F. Parrett, son of George Parrett and Ann Fletcher, on 15 October 1863 at Fayette Co., OH.1

Children of Mary B. Greenlee and Thomas F. Parrett


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Richard D. Greenlee

M, b. 16 October 1940, d. 1 October 1998
     Richard D. Greenlee was born on 16 October 1940 at Topeka, Shawnee Co., KS. He was the son of James R. Greenlee and Julia Marie Heazeltine. Richard D. Greenlee died on 1 October 1998 at Arkansas at age 57.

Lewis Ronald Greenman

M, b. 24 April 1928, d. 9 July 2000
     Lewis Ronald Greenman was born on 24 April 1928 at Daytona Beach, Volusia Co., FL. He married Ruth Louise Furgason, daughter of Bernard Lavern Furgason and Lila Isabelle Matthews, on 17 February 1973 at Benton Harbor, Berrien Co., MI. Lewis Ronald Greenman died on 9 July 2000 at Adrian, Lenawee Co., MI, at age 72.

Orville Greenslitt

M, b. circa 1915
     Orville Greenslitt died at Bend, Deschutes Co., OR. He was buried at Oregon City, Clackamas Co., OR. He was born circa 1915 at Oregon City, Clackamas Co., OR. He married Edna Florence Hill, daughter of Bertran Theodore Hill and Margaret Ellen Kircher, in 1968 at Reno, Washoe Co., NV.

Ann Elizabeth Greenup1

F, b. February 1863
     Ann Elizabeth Greenup was born in February 1863 at Texas.1 She married Edward Everett Alkire, son of Gideon George Alkire and Elizabeth Hanson, circa 1883.1

Children of Ann Elizabeth Greenup and Edward Everett Alkire


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Barbara Jean Greenup

F, b. 19 December 1924, d. 9 December 1980
     Barbara Jean Greenup was born on 19 December 1924 at Indstry, McDonough Co., IL. She was the daughter of Edward Lee Greenup and Zula May Osborn. Barbara Jean Greenup married Russell Drury. Barbara Jean Greenup died on 9 December 1980 at Royal Oak, Oakland Co., MI, at age 55.

Child of Barbara Jean Greenup and Russell Drury

Edward Lee Greenup

M, b. 15 July 1892, d. 4 December 1973
     Edward Lee Greenup was born on 15 July 1892 at McDonough Co., IL. He was the son of James W. Greenup and Ollie Thompson. Edward Lee Greenup began military service World War I service. Registered for the draft on 5 JUN 1917 at Charlotte, Bates Co., MO. He married Zula May Osborn, daughter of Henry Clay Dean Osborn and Lela Butcher, on 24 November 1920 at Macomb, McDonough Co., IL. Occupation: Mail Carrier between 1930 and 1940. Edward Lee Greenup died on 4 December 1973 at Macomb, McDonough Co., IL, at age 81.

Children of Edward Lee Greenup and Zula May Osborn

James Dean Greenup

M, b. 15 November 1921, d. 4 March 1984
     James Dean Greenup was born on 15 November 1921 at Industry, McDonough Co., IL. He was the son of Edward Lee Greenup and Zula May Osborn. James Dean Greenup married Sally Angeline Kubrak, daughter of Alexander Kubrak and Rose Dudra, on 18 November 1946 at Detroit, Wayne Co., MI, at least one child to this marriage. James Dean Greenup died on 4 March 1984 at Wyandotte, Wayne Co., MI, at age 62.

James W. Greenup

     James W. Greenup married Ollie Thompson.

Child of James W. Greenup and Ollie Thompson

Anna Bell Greenwade

     Anna Bell Greenwade married George Allen McCormick.

Child of Anna Bell Greenwade and George Allen McCormick

Edwin Greenwood

     Edwin Greenwood married Ethel Maude Stone, daughter of Eli Stone and Martha (?), at Elk Co. (probably), KS.

Child of Edwin Greenwood and Ethel Maude Stone

Emma L. Greenwood

F, b. 16 July 1849, d. 27 October 1927
     Emma L. Greenwood was born on 16 July 1849 at Pennsylvania. She married Enoch Jasper Steward in 1871. Emma L. Greenwood died on 27 October 1927 at Decatur, Morgan Co., AL, at age 78. She was buried in October 1927 at Noble Prairie Cemetery, Noble, Richland Co., IL, Find A Grave Memorial# 41102256.

Child of Emma L. Greenwood and Enoch Jasper Steward

Lavina Greenwood

F, b. 14 October 1865, d. 29 October 1935
     Lavina Greenwood was born on 14 October 1865. She married Resin Franklin Kitzmiller, son of Hiram Kitzmiller and Ann Caroline Franklin, on 8 December 1883. Lavina Greenwood died on 29 October 1935 at age 70.

Children of Lavina Greenwood and Resin Franklin Kitzmiller

Margaret Greenwood

     Margaret Greenwood married Samuel Thomas Kitzmiller, son of Hiram Kitzmiller and Ann Caroline Franklin.

Children of Margaret Greenwood and Samuel Thomas Kitzmiller

Wilma J. Greenwood

F, b. 18 July 1920, d. 1 June 1997
     Wilma J. Greenwood was born on 18 July 1920 at Boise, Ada Co., ID. She was the daughter of Edwin Greenwood and Ethel Maude Stone. Wilma J. Greenwood married Eugene C. Davidson, son of Harry H. Davidson and Ruby S. Welch, in 1939 at Howard, Elk Co., KS. Wilma J. Greenwood died on 1 June 1997 at Chautauqua Co., KS, at age 76. She was buried in June 1997 at Sedan, Chautauqua Co., KS.

Dolores Glenda Greer

F, b. 4 January 1909, d. 15 July 1997
     Dolores Glenda Greer was born on 4 January 1909 at Missouri. She was the daughter of Henry Jefferson Greer and Vashti Hahn. Dolores Glenda Greer married Joseph Lafaith Windle, son of William T. Windle and Rosa Lee Hugon, on 21 February 1931. Dolores Glenda Greer died on 15 July 1997 at Park Hills, St. Francois Co., MO, at age 88.

Child of Dolores Glenda Greer and Joseph Lafaith Windle

Henry Jefferson Greer

M, b. 29 December 1874, d. 27 November 1927
     Henry Jefferson Greer was born on 29 December 1874 at Evansville, Randolph Co., IL. He married Vashti Hahn on 12 May 1904 at Madison Co., MO. Henry Jefferson Greer died on 27 November 1927 at Park Hills, St. Francois Co., MO, at age 52.

Child of Henry Jefferson Greer and Vashti Hahn

Ida Frances Greer1

F, b. 2 August 1923
     Ida Frances Greer was born on 2 August 1923.1 She was the daughter of Walter William Greer and Kathryn Stover Johnson.1


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John Greer

     John Greer married Mary Grace Tallman, daughter of William Henry Tallman and Emma Wells Rogers, circa 1913.

W. W. Greer1


Child of W. W. Greer


  1. [S82] Price Genealogy, 575.

Walter William Greer1

     Walter William Greer was the son of W. W. Greer.1 Walter William Greer married Kathryn Stover Johnson, daughter of Samuel Thomas Johnson and Ida Matilda Bronson, Ceremony by Rev. William Price.1

Child of Walter William Greer and Kathryn Stover Johnson


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Fern L. Greeson

F, b. 8 July 1914, d. January 1973
     Fern L. Greeson was born on 8 July 1914. She married Glen Lingenfelter, son of John Thomas Lingenfelter and Louise A. Schreiner, on 24 December 1937. Fern L. Greeson died in January 1973 at age 58.

Child of Fern L. Greeson and Glen Lingenfelter