William James Wendell (1839 - 1911)

Although he lived his life without the benefit of education, the sense of family membership that he instilled in his children and grandchildren resulted in a tradition of family reunions that began at the turn of the twentieth century and continues to the present time.

Children and grandchildren of William and Susannah (Jeffery) Wendell, Cambridge, circa 1900. The elderly lady near the center may have been Susannah -- William is not in this photo. The childrens' bare feet reflect the poverty of Appalachian tenant farmers.
Marriage record of William Wendell and Susan Jeffery. He was born in Beaver Township, then Guernsey and now Noble County, Ohio. After the marriage the family lived mostly in Guernsey County, although William is found in the 1890 schedule of veterans living in Barnesville, Belmont County. He died at the home of his son John at Stark County, Ohio.
Note that Susannah's headstone (left) is facing in the opposite direction of William's. This is ironic, in light of the fact that they apparently had difficulty seeing things the same in life as well -- their marriage was marred by separation.
William J. Wendell
Wendell - Jeffery reunion, Cambridge City Park. We're not sure of the year -- the apparent age of known persons, and the clothing styles suggest the WWI era or early 1920s.
Civil War service pension record.
William Wendell's paternal grandfather, and my g-g-g-g grandfather was Daniel Wendel, who was brought from Toms Brook to what is now Beaver Township, Noble County by his parents, Philip and Barbara (Swartz) Wendell, in 1801. He married Catherine Starr, a granddaughter of the Quaker Moses Starr, in 1817. They raised their family in Beaver Township and about 1848 they relocated with their younger children to Huntington Township in southern Ross County, where they are listed on the 1850 census. It appears that he relocated to be near the family of his brother William D. Wendell who had gone before 1840 to live in Jackson Township, Pike County, and then later migrated west to Logan County, Illinois. The dates on this headstone are the basis for calculating the birth date of Daniel Wendell -- December 22, 1790. He died 100 years to the day before my birth.