Three Churches, Hampshire County, West Virginia

Map of Jersey Mountain and Three Churches area, showing some residence locations.
View of Three Churches from about a half-mile south on Jersey Mountain Road. Two of the churches are visible above the roofline of the foreground house. On the left is the Methodist Church and on the right is the Presbyterian Church. James Larimore was presumably a Presbyterian from Ulster. I believe the James Larimore and Philip Dewald farms were to the right, toward the Little Cacapon River (creek, really). The old land indenture shown below mentions the land in the "waters of the Caphon" as the location.
The intersection at Three Churches. Looking southwest at the Methodist Church.
The view from Three Churches east-southeast toward Winchester, Virginia. Summer 2003.
Land indenture from 1822, apparently following the death of James Larimore Sr. It reveals that Philip DeWald, whose daughter married James Larimore (1800 - 1874) was a neighbor of James and Susannah Larimore on the South Branch of the Potomac River.