Donald L. Boyd (1923 - 2008)

Dad at age 3 months with his mother. Leona Ardys (Munsinger) Boyd was 1/64 Native American, by descent from the Indian mother of John Preisz/Price. The characteristic black hair and eyes were expressed in both Ardys and my father. I wish I had a photo of Ardys' mother, Mary E. Smith, in her youth, who was 1/32 Native American, but I don't -- I suspect she was black-haired also.
Same day, with his father.
About 1932, in the uniform of the day.
Probably summer of 1925 (age 2+).
About 1938 - 39
Summer, 1939
High school senior photo, 1941
Dad was a photography enthusiast, including adapting a darkroom in the basement of the family home. This was either an early version of a "selfie", or else he had his father take it, about 1941.
Donald Sr. and Donald Jr., circa 1940
Dad and his brother Jim, late 1940s. Dad earned his pilot certificate after returning from WW II service.
Dad had a double major in math and physics
Olive (Wendell) and Donald, Christmas 1949.
1961 Christmas card made by Olive. Peggy, Don, Mary, Jim, Libby, and Dave.
Wedding of sister Libby and Jess Persinger, July 5, 1980
Jim, Dave, Don, Mary, Libby, Peggy, about 1980 at the farm.
Children of Donald Boyd about 1997: Jim, Mary, Don, Libby, Dave, Peggy
Dad, mid-1980s or so.
November 27, 1999, celebrating my parents' 50th anniversary. Dad, Dave, Mom, Jim behind Mom, Libby, Mary, myself, and Peggy.