Julina Fuller's Album -- Inscriptions 1 - 18

Julina was sent by her parents from Ashtabula to live in the household of Rev. Professor John Morgan, of Oberlin College, probably after 1840 when she turned 18.  She was a household servant, receiving room and board, and apparently affection and excellent advice, in exchange for helping Mrs. Morgan with the children and household.  From the Oberlin College archives, we learned that she attended about two years of "preparatory" education.  Apparently in 1845, since the earliest inscription is dated in August of that year, she acquired a fine leatherbound "Album", originally containing blank pages, including occasional green or pink colored pages, along with some pen and ink prints in the romantic style of the early 19th century.  Periodically her friends, including the Morgans, and her children wrote inscriptions in the little book, particularly on special occasions such as her impending relocation from Oberlin to Iowa.  Her album was passed to her son James Monroe Munsinger, to his daughter Grace and when Grace died to her younger sister, my grandmother Ardys (Munsinger) Boyd who passed it to my father, and thence to me.  I scanned it in its entirety, approximately 1999.